Cannabis is Personal™ and We Take
Our Partners Seriously

We are on a mission to advance cannabis science and identify what lies at the intersection of human genetics and the Endocannabinoid system.  This concept was rooted, (pun intended) after studying and cataloging the cannabis plant genetics.  While taking part in mapping the Cannabis genome, Len May began to question, why not align Phyto-genetics with human genetics?  Well, several years later, thanks to our amazing team, lots of coffee and alpha-Pinene, (it’s a terpene), we launched the first of many planned DNA tests on our company roadmap.

But we can’t do this alone; it takes a village – a community committed to bringing wellness to those who need it.

Retail Partners/Clinicians

Offer our ECS DNA test in your store or practice and gain greater customer/patient engagement and retention. We have several great wholesale programs that allow you to offer our tests as a service to your customers or patients. Drop us a note, tell us about what you do, and let’s get with the program(s).


Spread the word, earn commissions, and even offer discounts for your customers by referring them to our website.  We offer and your own personal dashboard with real-time statistics on referrals, commissions, and really cool graphs. You’ll also find a range of banners and graphics with your custom link embedded for tracking.  Join here and let’s get affiliated!

Cannabis/CBD Manufacturers

We are seeking partnerships with quality manufacturers in the cannabis and CBD space as we help our customers locate products that are aligned with their genetics.  If you have products that meet our criteria for cannabinoid and terpene profiles, we would like to include them in our product matching section and let our customers know where to get them.  Let’s collaborate!  Drop us a line here.