Cannabis and CBD are personal.

The future of personalized cannabinoid therapeutics.

Leverage biotechnology and cutting-edge science for personalize CBD and THC products.

Developed by industry leading geneticists and cannabinoid researchers, our patent-pending DNA test and genetically aligned formulations create optimal cannabis and CBD expiences for your customers.

Personalization differentiates your products from your competition.

Our DNA is the blueprint for percision cannabinoid therapeutics. Endocanna Health’s revolutionary ECS DNA array uncovers genetic variations which can then be matched with specific cannabinoid ratios and terpene profiles.

Genetically aligned cannabinoid formluations can lead to better experiences and outcomes for your customers.

Backed by science. 

SNPs sequenced. 

Scientific research papers and clinical studies analyzed. 

Years of combined genetics and cannabinoid science.

Endocannabinoid genes analyzed.

Years developing DNA array and Endo·Aligned formulations.

A powerful customer acquisition solution.

Consumers seeking cannabinoid therapeutics will try, on average, 6 to 8 different products* before they find one that meets their needs for quality, consistent outcomes and accessibility.

Kristina Etter, an Endo·dna customer, shares her experience with DNA matching and her endocompatibility report.

Endo·Aligned formulations genetically match your customers with the right product the first time.

*Based on industry data.

Retain your customers longer.

Happy customers are loyal customers who can’t stop raving about your products.

Genetically aligned cannabinoid formulations are designed to support correct dosing and delivery options that minimized adverse events and maximize optimal health outcomes.

Proven results.

Case study of a national online CBD brand.


Increase in new customers in month one.


Increase in product reorder rate.


Lift in product sales.


Increase in customer retention.

Genetically aligned cannabinoid products differentiate your brand and make happy customers.

Your Endo·Aligned products brand.

  • Scientifically validated personalized cannabinoid formulations.
  • Designed for 80% of genotypes.

Patent-pending DNA test identifies optimal genetic alignment.

  • Scientifically validated.
  • Proven brand differentiator.
  • Powerful POP communications tool.

Personalized wellness portal and product matching marketplace.

  • Data driven customer and product insights.
  • HIPAA compliant.
  • AWS security.

Drives consumers to your product website or retailer.

  • Personalized product matching in your customer’s geographic area.
  • Consumer data analytics.

Genetically aligned products lead to better outcomes.

  • Improves customer retention.
  • Increases Life-time Value of Customers.

Supporting our industry through investment, participation and advocacy.

Join us in shaping the future of a personalized cannabinoid wellness solution.


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