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Press announcements.

Endocanna Health Announces New Immune Function Genetics Report

June 2020

Dr. Ethan Russo Joins Endocanna Health’s Newly Created Science Board as Chairman

May 2020

Endocanna Health Creates Science Board to Further Cannabinoid and Genomics Research

March 2020

Heritage Cannabis and Empower Clinics team up to produce CBD oils and formulations

September 2019

Empower Clinics Enters Into Strategic Partnership With Heritage Cannabis Subsidiary Endocanna Health to Create and Sell Endocannabinoid DNA Test Products

August 2019

Medical Marijuana, Inc. Subsidiary Kannaway® Enters Strategic Partnership With Endocanna Health to Create and Sell Endocannabinoid DNA Test Products

August 2019

Heritage Cannabis completes acquisition of 30% of Endocanna Health

July 2019

Kaycha Group Announces Innovative Collaboration “The HEMP Institute” at EVIO Labs and Endocanna Health Inc.

July 2019

Imbue Botanicals Signs a Co-Marketing Agreement With Endocanna Health

October 2018

Ward MM and Endocanna Health Announce Partnership Supporting Medicinal Cannabis Clinical Trials

October 2018

Endocanna Health Creates New Paradigm of Personalized Medicine Connecting Human DNA with Cannabis Genetic Profiles.

July 2018

Podcasts, interviews and video.

Benzinga Cannabis Hour

LIVE: July 30, 2-3 PM EDT
With special guests: 
Len May, Nadine Pietrowski, Evelyn LaChapelle

Raising Cannabis Capital, June 2020

Can DNA analysis personalize your cannabis selection?

DNA analysis has advanced far beyond ancestry tracking, recent advancements now make it possible to identify genetic predisposition to conditions and diseases.   Len May joins Dan Humiston to talk about how  their EndoDNA kits provide valuable insight about individuals endocannabinoid system.   EndoCanna Health inc. provides confidential reports that identify genetic predispositions with cannabis recommendations.

Produced By MJBulls Cannabis Podcast

One Company’s Quest to be the 23andMe of Cannabis

May 16, 2019

Endocanna Health has developed a simple DNA test and online database that analyzes your genetics and then recommends various cannabinoid ratios and terpene profiles.You give them a sample, and they give you an anonymous and extensive report of cannabis recommendations on everything from lessening your anxiety to enhancing your sleep. We sit down with Len May, the company CEO and co-founder, to talk about your genes and your ganja.

Would you believe your tolerance of cannabis based products — of THC and CBD — is determined by your genetic makeup? And that’s not all! By testing your DNA, with a simple swab, and then sending to a super high-tech laboratory, you can get a report on how much of what to use for whatever it is that ails you! It’s a futuristic diagnosis tool — for the medical solution of the future. Find out about Endocanna Health @EndocannaHealth this week from CEO Len May on High on the Hog: The Potcast.

EndoCanna Health – Personalizing Medicinal Cannabis with DNA testing

by Heads Up Health

by  | Feb 20, 2019

Listen to Dave Korsunsky of Heads Up Health interview Len May, Co-Founder of EndoCanna Health about genetic testing for cannabis. Learn more about the endocannabinoid system and how your genetics can help you to find the right cannabis for you, to help with things like anxiety, mood, sleep, pain, and more. EndoCanna takes its privacy very seriously, so if you’re not happy running a 23 and Me for genetic information, you can order a kit directly from EndoCanna Health who can run your results on their own secure system(no sharing of genetic data and they are HIPAA compliant).

DNA Sequencing Over-Achieves FDA’s CBD Regs

Cannabis Reporter Radio Show, Hosted by Snowden Bishop